Pioneering Punjabis Digital Archive Trailer (2016), written and produced by Nicole Raganath


Hari Singh Everest’s Journey (2016), written and produced by Nicole Raganath


West Sacramento Gurdwara (2016), produced by Nicole Raganath


Ladie’s Sangeet in Natomas (2016), produced by Nicole Raganath


Peach Inspection (2016), produced by Nicole Raganath

The Pioneering Punjabis Digital Archive is a UC Davis initiative documenting the history and contributions of California’s dynamic and influential Punjabi community. I worked with curator/historian Nicole Ranganath and Yuba City’s Punjabi American Heritage Society to film and edit several video items for the archive, including new oral history interviews with key figures, tours of local gurdwaras and other Punjabi community sites, and a promotional trailer. We also produced a short documentary on the travels of Hari Singh Everest, writer, journalist, teacher, and community leader.

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