Lutu Chuktiwa, dir. David Shorter (2013)

“Lutu Chuktiwa” follows a Yoeme ceremony of mourning conducted in Sonora, Mexico, one year after the passing of Ignacio Sombratuka’u. Director David Shorter was invited by the family to film, and later took the footage to Yoeme communities in Arizona to initiate dialogue about grief, tradition, and immigration. I was tasked with editing video footage and dialogue together so as to emphasize polyvocal interpretations of the event, prioritize the conservation of Yoeme speech, and honor restricted forms of knowledge. For details, visit

Please note that Yoeme rituals are not permitted to be filmed without the express authorization of community leaders.

“Lutu Chuktiwa” has screened at the 2015 RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film (Bristol), the 2015 Ethnografilm Festival (Paris), the 2014 Society of Visual Anthropology Film Festival (Washington), and the 2014 International Ethnographic Film Festival (Quebec).